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Space Food Truck is a cooperative deck building game, so each character starts with their own deck of cards and a unique job to do. Everyone will have to pull their weight if you want to win! You’ll add new items, ingredients, and special abilities to your character’s card deck every turn. Choosing new cards wisely is crucial to surviving the escalating hazards of deep space.

Space Food Truck Cards

You start by picking one of four unique jobs on the food truck: Captain, Chef, Scientist, or Engineer. If you have less than 4 players, you’ll get to control more of the crew (or all of it if you choose to play alone).

Together, your team will hunt down and cook exotic ingredients to craft delicious recipes, then scramble to the planets craving each dish to complete your objectives. Finish every recipe before your ship falls apart to win.

The Ship & Crew

Galaxy Gourmet

This beautiful hunk of junk is the Galaxy Gourmet food truck. You can visit each other’s quarters to pass along valuable cards or resolve time-sensitive emergencies. A few mission-critical items have a tendency to break down at the worst possible moments, like doors or life support, but think of all the money you saved buying used.

The Crew

Everyone’s role plays differently. The Captain charts your team’s path across the galaxy: dodging danger, searching for exotic ingredients, and resupplying items for your store. The Chef coordinates with the rest of the crew to collect ingredients and cook recipes. The Scientist researches and unlocks more powerful abilities for your team, and the Engineer repairs and upgrades your ship.

The Galaxy

Space Food Truck Planets

When you launch a game, our system procedurally generates a galaxy of 100 planets, hides all of the traps and ingredients among them, then determines what each planet looks like. Scramboron may be a tiny ringed gas planet one game, or a huge cybernetic planet the next!

As you rollover planets on your galaxy map, you’ll find volumes of fascinating notes the Captain has collected across many years of space travel, like:

My homeworld of born leaders. Captain is actually the lowest rank we have.
A sylk rich planet mostly overrun by giant spiders. We’re arming the resistance with full bellies.
Gena Hex
Their population dwindled to one, so the last Hexling turned to cloning. He wasn’t their finest specimen, but I guess he is now.

Who We Are

One Man Left is a two man team that’s been making games professionally since 2009, though we first started fooling around with games way back in high school in 2002. In Alabama of all places. But when a future artist meets a future computer scientist, games just sort of inevitably get made. We’re funded 100% by our own games sales, cutting our teeth on mobile titles like the Tilt to Live series and Outwitters (you can peruse our entire game library here). Space Food Truck is an effort to branch out to a new platform and make something deeper. We’re excited about making the jump to PC/Mac/Linux, and all the game design possibilities that opens up for us.